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Opportunity Card: How Kenyans Hack German Job Market & Land High-Paying Jobs

Opportunity Card: How Kenyans Hack German Job Market & Land High-Paying Jobs

Opportunity Card: How Kenyans Hack German Job Market & Land High-Paying Jobs

Opportunity Card: How Kenyans Hack German Job Market & Land High-Paying Jobs

President William Ruto (Left) and Ruto and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz during Kenyan Head of State’s visit to Europe on March 29, 2023.

German Ambassador to Kenya Sebastian Groth on Thursday, May 4, stated that his country had opened a job market programme to which Kenyans were called upon to tap into.

Groth noted that the Kenyan workforce was one of the fastest growing and with some of the smartest job seekers who were potentially fit for the Opportunity Card.

The diplomat explained that Opportunity Card is a new regulated way of attracting skilled workers from non-EU countries to Germany.

“We have developed a so-called Opportunity Card where you can gain credit points by certain qualifications like language skills or skills in professions that are in high demand in Germany,” Groth defined.

Director and Founder of Toolkit Jane Muiga(Left) and German Ambassador to Kenya Sebastian Grothon (Right) on Thursday, April 20, 2023.

The European nation is seeking to use the Opportunity Card in Kenya in order to tap into the country’s workforce in which some 85 per cent of employees do work and earn a living.

“Between 80 to 85% of Kenyans work in the informal sector, we can tap into this and work together to bring few of them to Germany,”  Sebastian Groth stated.

The programme that began in September 2022 was launched by the German government in order to attract international talents, and Kenya is a key target due to her highly-skilled labour force.

Eligibility criteria for Opportunity Card include the fact that a candidate should be under the age of 35 years and have at least 3 years of work experience.

Kenya and Germany have had a long-standing relationship since Kenya gained independence from Britain in 1963. Germany recognised Kenya’s independence soon after and established diplomatic relations in 1964.

“You can invest and make good business here and even have Kenyan investments in Germany. We’re not leaving behind this development cooperation, but we’re evolving more into a political partnership,” Ambassador Groth confirmed.

Since then, the two countries have enjoyed strong relations in a variety of areas, including trade, investment, development cooperation, and education.

Germany is one of Kenya’s top trading partners in Europe, and German companies have invested in a range of sectors in Kenya, such as renewable energy, infrastructure, and agriculture.

In addition, the German government provides development assistance to Kenya, primarily in the areas of education, health, and economic development.

One of the key areas of cooperation between Kenya and Germany is environmental conservation, particularly in wildlife conservation. Germany has provided support to Kenya’s efforts to protect endangered species, such as elephants and rhinos, through funding for anti-poaching initiatives and conservation projects.

Kenya and Germany also collaborate in the field of education, with German universities offering scholarships to Kenyan students, and Kenyan universities partnering with German institutions on research and academic programmes.

The relationship between Kenya and Germany is anchored on mutual respect and cooperation, and the two countries continue to work together to promote their shared interests and values.

German Ambassador to Kenya Sebastian Groth (Left) and Director and Founder of Toolkit Jane Muiga(Right) on Thursday, April 20, 2023

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