Online Training And Jobs Scheme For One Million Youths  

Online Training And Jobs Scheme For One Million Youths  

Online Training And Jobs Scheme For One Million Youths,

Online Training And Jobs Scheme For One Million Youths

Online Training And Jobs Scheme For One Million Youths

Government rolls out Jitume program to help youths get employment online

More than one million youths are set to benefit from Jitume program online employment in the next three to five years.

Speaking at Matili Training Institute in Kimilili Sub-County Bungoma, Ministry of Information Communication and Digital Economy Cabinet Secretary Eliud Owalo said the government has rolled out the program to help youths get employment online.

He said the program, which was officially launched by President William Ruto at Kabete National Technical Polytechnic in December 2022 will complement the success of the existing digital programs such as Ajira and Kenya Youth Empowerment Program.

Owalo noted that when President Ruto came to power in 2022, he expanded the mandate of the Ministry of ICT by adding the digital economic function.

“This automatically placed ICT at the core of country economic transformation agenda,” he said, adding that Jitume program seeks to address issues relating to connectivity devices and digital skills as well as job opportunities targeting the youth countrywide.

He further noted that technology has put Kenya on the global map as a leading innovation hub as the country is home to unique innovation technologies such as MPESA, among others.

Owalo said the government was targeting to train youths in ICT skills using existing TVET institutions. “The main aim is creating a critical mass skilled labour to support and benefit youths from the digital economy,” he said.

“Many of the young people are unable to access training facilities and this is the gap the programme will address,” he said.

Each Jitume centre will have up to 100 virtual desktop infrastructure with broadband connectivity, reliable power and security programme coordinator provided by KONZA Technopolis, which is leading partner in the program.

The Cabinet Secretary said each centre will have two main programs, the first being Jitume Class Training component which is aimed at providing training on skills for digital economy to enable youths access digital jobs.

He said the class will feature both physical and virtual programs delivering components supported by partners.

The second component is Jitume Kazi, which is a work hub/centre that provides a conducive environment to access online jobs.

“The model has been made possible by collaboration between ministries, including ICT and Digital Economy, Education, Labour, Foreign & Diaspora Affairs and implementing agencies including ICT Authority, TVET Authority and KONZA Technopolis,” he said.

“The Government is keen on providing common services on online portal for ease of access to citizens; this will start by digitizing of government records,” he noted. (KNA)


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