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Kyosk Digital Services Job Vacancies

Kyosk Digital Services Job Vacancies

Kyosk Digital Services Job Vacancies

Kyosk Digital Services Job Vacancies

A kiosk is an informal convenience store selling everyday household items. Known locally by their vernacular names e.g. Duka in Kenya, Spaza in South Africa, Kantemba in Zambia. kiosk-type retail outlets are the cornerstone of African retail, accounting for over 60% of all retail trade flows. Despite their importance, kiosk-type retail outlets face significant challenges, including high cost of stock and unreliable delivery.

Commercial Manager – New Categories

Role Purpose

The Commercial Manager – New Categories will lead the organization in income generation activities for the sales and commercial sector. He/she will set targets, drive income generation and work across the organization to manage the delivery of sales and commercial Business expectations.

The role holder will have overall responsibility of the business’ day-to-day and long-term sales and commercial activities; coordinate the sales and commercial teams and collaborate with key Line Managers to resolve sales and commercial issues.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Strategic Execution: Lead the development of the overall Sales and Commercial Strategy, goals and objectives for the business and manage its implementation; including developing existing relationships with key industrial partners to create new sales and commercial opportunities. Develop and oversee the implementation of plans for expansion and business development as well as strategies to accelerate business growth.
  • Business Modelling: Direct the extensive understanding of business model, growth models and identification of sales and commercial opportunities. Implement robust new business processes across the organization aimed at identifying new sales and commercial opportunities and efficiencies in line with the business goals. Implement a rigorous analysis of existing customer needs, trends and forecasts within the value chain in search of value-adding and new service opportunities.
  • Performance Management: Oversee revenue generation and diversification of income streams for the business while encouraging business growth and performance. Develop metrics to monitor the performance of sales and commercial activities; Analyze the business performance, including profitability, revenue pricing and cost of goods in comparison to market prices. Utilize analytics to create action plans that are based on data and statistics and interpret business results against targets, reporting the results to the senior management team on the performance. Oversee the performance of the sales team in outlet recruitment, retention and route optimization to ensure that our Dukas/Kyosks are regularly serviced and buy across the portfolio.
  • Business Intelligence: Advise the framework for business intelligence reporting; support the wider business needs with compiling data and information to assist with continuous improvement developments and improving business performance. Review data to identify trends or opportunities to reduce costs, improve revenue and improve business performance.
  • Business Advisory: Play a lead role in advising the around pricing of sales and commercial contracts. Coordinate with the Purchasing team to develop risk assessments and pricing structures for products to work toward commercial efforts. Identify cost-effective and sales and commercial opportunities for service & process improvements and support their implementation in the business.
  • Budget Management: Manage the expenditure of the sales and commercial budget across the year, oversee expenses and revenue to create financial returns and business growth. Support financial planning and budgeting for the business based on market & revenue data and analytics.
  • Stakeholder Management: Develop strong relationships with different departments within the company to ensure everyone is working toward the same targets and goals. Ensure alignment with the sales and commercial strategies that reflect immediate business requirements and potential business development opportunities.
  • People Management: Provide leadership to the direct reports including scheduling frequent one on one meetings, conducting monthly performance appraisals and driving a high-performance culture within the team. Support the recruitment of sales and commercial team members including role & success profile definition and interviewing. Contribute to a sustainable positive workforce environment and culture through collaborative leadership, open communication and teamwork.
  • Sales and Operation Planning: Provide leadership to the S&OP process ensuring that markets through bottom-up approach put together demand plans per SKU/Brand/Category in line with the Business growth plans and track weekly performance to ensure targets are achieved.
  • 3rd Party Management: Monitor the performance of 3rd party sales companies in contract with Kyosk and ensure that contracts are renewed on time and key performance metrics are entrenched with weekly/monthly/quarterly reviews. Ensure that teams seconded to Kyosk from the 3rd parties are as per the agreed caliber and performance reviews, coaching and training are done as per the annual calenda

Minimum Requirements & Key Skills:

  • A bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing or a related subject/field;
  • A master’s degree will be an added advantage;
  • A minimum of 5 years relevant experience with at least 3 years in a similar position within electronics, pharmaceutical, plastics / construction, beauty and fashion sectors;
  • Strong financial analysis experience and sales/commercial (acumen) experience including financial modeling is a plus;
  • Extensive understanding of business growth models and the ability to foresee sales and commercial opportunities;
  • Excellent relational skills, working tirelessly to build and maintain beneficial partnerships with key stakeholders;
  • Strategic development and critical thinking skills with experience supporting the setting financial targets, developing budgets, and monitoring compliance;
  • Ability to collaborate with and coordinate diverse teams (marketing, sales, customer service, etc.);
  • Working knowledge of how to conduct market research and analysis including the creation of detailed business plans;
  • Understand existing customer relationships and their requirements to ensure they are being met;
  • Outstanding commercial, sales and business development skills and proven ability to develop commercial strategies that improve business performance;
  • Proven success of managing/implementing new business pipelines;
  • Ability to manage multiple projects at the same time.

Competencies & Skills

  • Strategic Orientation & Thinking;
  • Sales and Commercial Acumen;
  • Entrepreneurial Skills;
  • Stakeholder Management;
  • Analytical Thinking;
  • Tech Savvy.


Purchasing Manager – New Categories

Role Purpose

We are looking to bring on board an analytically minded individual to join our team as a Purchasing Manager – New Categories The individual will be tasked with analyzing our current buying systems and create the best practices for day-to-day purchasing operations in partnership with the Finance team. He/she will be tasked with establishing purchasing goals based on company inventory needs and usage projections; team management including setting clear business objectives for the purchasing team. This position takes charge of the development and implementation of the purchasing strategy, policies & plan; product pricing strategies; supplier contracts negotiations & renewals as well as returns while ensuring quality and cost control.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Strategic Alignment: Champion the development of the purchasing and pricing strategies in the organization and ensure alignment with the overall business strategy. Lead the development and implementation of proper purchasing policies, controls, SOPs and processes. Develop, implement and improve business planning capabilities by understanding and challenging market demand as well as leading internal activities to ensure these demands are met.
  • Operational Excellence:Spearhead improvements to the current purchasing system that will improve vendor relationships, lower the cost of doing business and improve the turnaround time of orders. Collaborate with the Warehouse Manager to develop metrics for gauging inventory level needs and then maintain those levels throughout the year. Play a crucial role in creating profitable ways to manage obsolete and slow-moving stock to help offset losses. Review technical specifications for products received; ensure we always have multiple options to buy products at the lowest price; ensure we get priority treatment when stock levels are low.
  • Supplier Management: Lead all negotiations in the purchase of supplies, equipment, materials and services for the business in accordance with company purchasing policies and budgetary restrictions. Tracks vendors for payment terms and partner with finance to ensure timely payment. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with suppliers to support the delivery of purchasing deliverables and manage the Company’s overall working relationships with key supplier partners.
  • Cost Management:Represent the company in negotiating contracts with our vendors to guarantee the best prices for products procured including trade and bulk discounts. Identify opportunities for cost savings for the department and organization at large. Evaluate and propose new purchasing programs and processes that will improve cost, quality, customer responsiveness.
  • Product Pricing:Utilize key information such as market & economic trends, product acquisition price, transport, storage and delivery costs to advise the final product prices. Work closely with the finance and warehouse teams to inform and review product prices to warrant the best price in the market and attainment of the organization’s profitability plans. Research on and monitor competitor activities to advise management on product pricing and product sources to gain competitive advantage in the market.
  • Budget management:Lead the development of the purchasing budget and monitor its spending throughout the financial year. Create proper forecasting reports for planning purposes in line with market demand and sales performance. Work closely with the Finance Department in the execution of the purchasing budget, monitor and manage credit line limits in line with the said budget. Requests credit line increases, and payments as appropriate.
  • Risk Management & Compliance:Identity and evaluating operational risks such as supply, quality, safety, environment, security and regulatory compliance. Continuously monitor this to ensure proper mitigative actions are in place to cushion the company from exposure and drive consistent adherence. Evaluate supplier contracts to ensure they are in compliance with government regulations and internal policies. Review and maintain a good record of purchasing files and records (purchase orders, contracts, etc.) to ensure its compliance with company policies and procedures and ensure the availability of documentation. Review and monitor capital purchases to ensure compliance with company policies and procedures.
  • Performance Management: Manage the company’s day-to-day purchasing activities and ensure that each team member is meeting their personal performance standards. Maintaining and developing operations performance by implementing KPIs & continuous improvement systems. Develops and promotes a customer-focused orientation towards purchasing and materials management while promoting a collaborative culture between purchasing and all business units.
  • People Management and Development:Recruit and manage a motivated and aggressive team to deliver the purchasing mandate. Schedule frequent one on one sessions with the team members to evaluate performance, identify areas of development and address any challenges. Analyzes develop and monitor performance quality measures for the team and department.
  • Any other duties assigned from time to time within the purchasing department.

Skills & Experience required:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Supply Chain, or related field;
  • A minimum of 6 – 8 years’ experience with a minimum of 3 years in a similar role as a Purchasing Manager within electronics, pharmaceutical, plastics / construction, beauty and fashion sectors;
  • Experience in supply and demand planning is an added advantage;
  • In-depth knowledge of the consumer goods industry with an interest in market dynamics along with an intuitive business sense;
  • Strong local knowledge, a deep understanding of consumers and a strong commercial acumen;
  • A good understanding of vendor management software;
  • A knack for negotiating;
  • Strong experience in managing teams of people across projects &/or business units;
  • Strong analytical skills with a demonstrable ability to capture and communicate projections as well as to model out various scenarios using Excel;
  • A hands-on, empathetic and results-oriented approach to leadership and people management; and a ‘no-excuses’, ‘just do it’ approach to getting things done;
  • A member of the Kenya Institute of Supplies Management; Professional certification in Purchasing & Supply will be an added advantage;
  • Strong financial analysis and forecasting skills. Ability to create and maintain basic financial and operation reports;
  • Analytical thinker who can work independently with minimal oversight, ability to make educated decisions focused around business strategy.
  • Focused and cost-based mindset – always double-checking to ensure the best deal on products and will not hesitate to make a return if needed.


  • Strategic Leadership & Orientation;
  • Strong Commercial Acumen;
  • Drive for Execution;
  • Stakeholder Management;
  • People Development & Management;
  • Strong Negotiation Skills;
  • Tech Savvy.

Method of Application

Use the link(s) below to apply on company website.

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