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KNBS internship salary, 2023 updated

KNBS internship salary, 2023 updated

KNBS internship salary, 2023 updated

KNBS internship salary, 2023 updated

Engaging under  in internship in a given institution opens opportunities for  students to acquire suitable experience and uplift their skills for the job market.The  Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS)  ,a government institution,offers the internship opportunities to students who have just finished their studies.

Most people do not know how much salaries the intern at KNBS earn per month.This article provides a clear view of intern salary at KNBS, information that will help you make informed choices on what you must do or avoid.

Incase you want to start a new journey of professional growth with the KNBS Internship ,you are at the right point.

Some of the key internship programs offered at this government institution to help you gain experience in a diverse range include:

  • statistics field
  • economics field
  •  ICT field
  • finance field.

Get free to join KNBS and  unlock your full potential.

The internship program is on a six-month journey of professional growth, where one will gain diverse range of opportunities across multiple departments within their esteemed institutions.

KNBS Intern Salaries

At KNBS, believes in providing the interns with a fair and competitive salary that reflects their hard work and dedication.

KNBS internship salaries are determined by the government and are based on the current minimum wage.

Ensure you join this institution and discover the exciting world of KNBS internship salaries.

Based on  September 2022, the minimum wage in Kenya was Kshs 24,400 per month, an impressive  sum that many hardworking individuals rely on to make ends meet.

This means that under  KNBS internship program, the interns are rewarded with a monthly stipend of Kshs 24,400 for the duration of six months.

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