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Job Opportunities at Old Mutual Kenya

Job Opportunities at Old Mutual Kenya

Job Opportunities at Old Mutual Kenya

Job Opportunities at Old Mutual Kenya

Old Mutual Kenya is based in Nairobi and is part of a larger group that offers solutions in long-term savings, asset management and investment. We offer solutions to individuals and corporates underpinned by our core values which are: Respect, Integrity, Accountability and Pushing beyond boundaries.

Compliance Manager

Job Description

  • Assist in overseeing the Bank’s Regulatory and Compliance activities, Training & Management Information Reporting to drive a strong compliance culture in the business and management of compliance risks. Develop, review and implement the bank’s Compliance program, as the Bank’s Money laundering Reporting officer (MLRO).


  • Assist in developing, implementing and reviewing of Compliance Risk Management Policies and processes in line with regulatory bodies’ requirements.
  • Assist in overseeing the monitoring of compliance to policies and procedures and ensure corrective action is taken where there are deviations to minimize exposure.
  • Undertake compliance checks on adherence to policies and processes in all business units
  • Carry out training to all staff with regards to KYC/AML and other regulatory requirements. This includes new developments in regulations.
  • Ensure adherence to Principles of Corporate Governance & best practices.
  • Act as a focal point for compliance issues across the Bank
  • Act as a link between the bank, CBK and other regulatory bodies on compliance issues.
  • Develop, review and implement the bank’s Compliance program, as the Bank’s Money laundering Reporting officer (MLRO).
  • Ensuring the bank has in place effective reporting systems for violations or potential violations to relevant authorized enforcement agencies.
  • Assist in formulating & reviewing the Compliance/Regulatory Function’s Policies, Procedures, Templates, Job Descriptions & Objectives
  • Measure compliance risk (e.g. by using key risk indicators) and use such measurements to enhance the institutions’ risk assessment. Champion the Management of Compliance Risk.
  • Monitor developments in legislation and regulation and assess their impact on the Banks’ business operations and its policies and procedures.
  • Monitor compliance to the Old Mutual Group Risk Policies and Standards.


  • Manage, assess and co-ordinate to enable the Bank to comply with the regulatory requirements so as to avoid violations or non-conformance with, laws, regulations, prescribed practice, or ethical standards.
  •  Develop and manage mechanisms which will ensure adherence to principles of good corporate governance and ethics. These to include the establishment and adherence to Board and Directors’ Charters, Board and Sub-board composition, Board of Directors’ Performance Evaluation, Meetings and Minutes.
  • To act as a focal point for all compliance issues.
  • Provide reports (MI) on a regular basis, and as directed or requested, that supports the head of Risk and Compliance to report to Management and the Board, the operations and progress of compliance efforts.
  • Ensure proper reporting of violations or potential violations to relevant authorized enforcement agencies as appropriate or required to prevent further penalties/fines.
  • Formulate and review the Compliance/Regulatory Function’s Policies, Procedures, Templates, Job Descriptions and Objectives to make sure they are in tandem with the changing operational environment.
  • Conduct compliance checks and other assurance exercises, bank-wide to identify areas on regulatory non-compliance or control weaknesses that have the potential to lead to non-compliance. Monitor implementation of agreed management actions.
  • Any other duties assigned by the Head of Risk and Compliance from time to time.

Money Laundering Reporting Officer Duties

  • Develop, implement and review the Banks AML, KYC & CFT Policy
  • Sensitize all staff of the Bank on all acts, regulations, internal policies & guidelines in relation to Money Laundering as well as the Bank’s policies, procedures and standards.
  • Monitor and report any suspicious transactions or activities to the Financial Reporting Center (FRC)
  • The contact point within the Bank to whom staff report all suspicious transactions.
  • Cooperate with national law enforcement agencies by taking appropriate measures which are consistent with the law in all matters in relation to Money Laundering
  • Ensure screening of all customers, staff and service providers against the required ML sanctions lists, before being onboarded.
  • Ensure timely and accurate submission of the required AML / CFT reports to both the Financial Reporting Centre and the Central Bank of Kenya.
  • Furnish a report to the Board and Management on a periodic basis providing the compliance status to AML / CFT / KYC laws regulations, policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that any subsidiary companies of the Bank comply to statutory requirements on AML, KYC & CFT


  • Business degree

Knowledge and Skills

  • Extensive / in depth knowledge of the laws and regulations governing banks or the financial sector.


  • At least 5 years’ experience in compliance in a bank or financial institution

Personal Attributes

  • Good decision-making skills.
  • Assertiveness
  • Good communication skills
  • Attention to detail.
  • Keen follow up


  • Master’s degree
  • AML / compliance certification e.g. ACAMS

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Finance Manager

Job Description

  • To supervise the procurement & payments, contracts & contractors and financial accounting and reporting function of planning, tracking and reporting on expenditure (operational and capital) in line with company policies, guidelines and deadlines. Provide financial advice; identify and report financial risks to internal client/s and relevant executive managers.

Key Measurable Goals

  • Reporting: Management, statutory and regulatory reporting.
  • Effective management of suppliers’ payments, statutory payments, utility bills and all branch and Head Office imprests.
  • To ensure financial controls and reconciliations are done on timely basis and closing all outstanding issues.
  • Budgetary and Business planning.
  • Liaison with administration and procurement department in regard to suppliers and procurement issues.
  • Liaison with Internal and External auditors.
  • Team management and fostering a culture that drives staff engagement.

Key Responsibilities


  • Ensure that the reports are prepared in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that the reports are accurate and are of high quality.
  • Business partnering through explaining and guiding business teams on interpreting and actioning reports.

Finance Operations

  • Effective management of suppliers payments, timely and accurate statutory payments, utility bills and all supplier payments
  • Oversight on Petty cash & imprest administration ensuring branches are adequately replenished at all times.
  • Management of staff advances and settlements.
  • Liaising with Procurement & Admin Manager ensuring that Creditors and suppliers are managed satisfactorily.
  • Liaising with internal and External Auditors in carrying out periodical and Year end Audits respectively.

Internal Controls & Bank Reconciliations

  • Ensuring that all control account reconciliations are carried out on a timely basis for all control accounts and reconciling items are dealt with on time.
  • Ensuring that all bank reconciliations are carried out on a timely basis, investigations done on outstanding items and cleared.
  • Ensure good bank relationship management for purposes of correction and issuing of paying instructions.
  • Ensuring that all fixed assets are adequately recorded, reconciled and reported.
  • Budget Preparations and Business planning
  • Involved in Business planning and budget preparation.
  • Budget control and monitoring by ensuring the budget holders take charge of their costs and through variance reports.
  • Support and/or undertake cost benefit analysis on all expenditures and investments.
  • Taxation
  • To ensure that monthly Tax computations are prepared and made on time such as PAYE, reverse tax and withholding tax.
  • Perform a quarterly tax health check.
  • Leadership
  • Mentor and develop the team, managing work allocation, training, problem resolution and leave management.

Bankwide AML, KYC & CFT

  • Monitor, on a continuous basis, all transactions to ensure that unusual and suspicious transactions are reported to the Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO)
  • Implementing and enforcing the board approved AML, KYC & CFT policy in as far as is applicable within my area of responsibility


  • Degree in Business related Studies
  • CPA (K) /ACCA


  • Masters degree in Business or Finance.
  • Other relevant Professional Certifications.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Analytical skills
  • Management and Leadership skills
  • Financial Management
  • Excellent Computer packages knowledge
  • Working knowledge of Emerge T24 and D365


  • At least 3 years Supervisory experience in
  • Financial Accounting Experience

Personal Attributes

  • Demonstrate management abilities.
  • Analytical
  • Confident
  • Integrity
  • Diligent
  • Attention to detail​.

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Project Manager

Job Description

  • This role is responsible for managing projects across businesses and functions, to meet strategic business objectives. The role incumbent is responsible for planning, executing and evaluating projects according to predetermined methodologies, timelines and budgets. Typically reporting into a Business Project Manager/ Program Manager, this role is expected to recruit and manage project teams, ensuring quality control throughout the project lifecycle. He/she will be expected to work on medium complexity projects, typically projects with a single focus.


  • Project Scoping and Initiation
  • Projects Change request & Change control.
  • Project Delivery Planning & Execution
  • Business Requirements alignment
  • Quality Management – Training, UAT, Pentests, Solution Design Sessions and SITs
  • Project Expense & Benefits tracking and reporting.
  • Project Risk, Opportunity & Issue Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement- Steerco and Solution Delivery teams
  • Project Governance and Resourcing
  • Team effectiveness- Weekly Stand ups and Feedback sessions


Project Scoping

  • Understand the business requirements/brief and objectives/benefits for a new project and based thereon contract with the project stakeholders on parameters that define the technical and business scope of the project.
  • With the required background from business case / requirements, document the project scope within the PID

Change request & Change control

  • Manage the change control process by undertaking the following:
  • Be aware of potential changes to the baseline scope of the project that may require the initiation of the change control process.
  • Understand and communicate to project stakeholders the impact (i.e., time / cost) of these changes to the project.
  • Initiate the change control process and get necessary approvals.
  • Re-baseline changes to project schedule, plan, business case/benefits plan and costs
  • Ensure change log is updated

Project planning & execution

  • Assist with / co-facilitate initiation engagement and agreement with SME’s / business owners (project stakeholders) surrounding business case translation into project components, approach, key stakeholders etc.
  • Establishes the target project plan.
  • Undertake required analysis to formulate and sign-off the project schedule.
  • Utilize the outcome from the engagement session with Business owners / PM (project stakeholders) as well as the project schedule to augment the PID.
  • Monitor, control and manage the execution of the project according to the plan.
  • Facilitate project meetings and undertake required reporting on project status and performance

Quality Management

  • Confirm and adhere to the quality approach to achieving quality including quality standards, controls and governances, processes and measures and build these into the project plan.
  • Execute on quality components through duration of the project. Correct and / or escalate non-compliance to quality components timeously.

Project Expense & Benefits Management

Undertake sound cost and benefits management and controls of the project through:

  • Sound cost estimation based on effort estimation (project scoping).
  • Refine cost options and engage with PM / business owner (project stakeholders) to finalize the budget.
  • Establish a baseline to control the costs of the project throughout the project life cycle.
  • Facilitate cost-benefit analysis to determine ROI for project.
  • Track benefit metrics as agreed with PM / business owner.
  • Update the project business case with the changing scenarios and plans.
  • Create a robust project budget.
    • Manage budget and monitor expenses and costs.
    • Undertake forecasting and reporting on projected project costs.
    • Undertake monthly budget reconciliations, corrections etc.
  • Instill and drive practices, culture and processes for cost saving and efficiency through the project life cycle

Risk, Opportunity & Issue Management

  •  Undertake ongoing identification, assessment and monitoring of all project risks / opportunities / issues to determine their relevance and impact on the project.
  • Communicate and create awareness of any relevant issues / risks / opportunity with the project team.
  • Facilitate a process with stakeholders to identify and plan sound risk mitigation and contingency solutions.
  • Communicate these to individuals in accordance with the escalation process.
  • Monitor and ensure implementation of these plans.
  • Monitor and drive these solutions to ensure their effective implementation, and update project plans if required.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Develop a stakeholder management plan that will effectively engage with key stakeholders / vendors relevant to the project over the project life cycle.
  • Execute the stakeholder management plan by engaging, communicating, influencing commitment / alignment for decisions and actions that will ensure project success.
  • Manage competing demands from stakeholders and negotiate conflicts to find workable solutions.
  • Understand and ensure adherence to all governance structures and approval protocols for project decisions.
  • Plan and execute proper project communication processes / management, largely within the project structure, over the course of the project life cycle including communication channels and methods that will be used to share the project performance data, project progress.
  • Ensure there is an appropriate change management plan and process followed for the project.

Procurement & contract management

  • Understand the terms and conditions of the vendor contract(s) being used on the project.
  • Manage cost, quality, and delivery of work, according to the contract terms over its duration.
  • Ongoing vendor and contract management (at an operational level) oversight for the duration of the contract on the project.
  • Address and escalate any issues timeously.

Team effectiveness

  • Build and manage an effective project team in terms of:
  • Positive team culture, dynamics and values, and team conflicts.
  • Resource allocation, skills identification and development
  • Contracting, monitoring, management and delivery of project tasks and outcomes
  • Recognition, motivation and support (wellness)


  • Communicating and reinforcing the AML-CTF compliance culture established by the board.
  • Implementing and enforcing the board-approved AML, KYC & CFT policy within the Department, Unit or Branch


  • Coordinate the closure / remediation of all projects related Audit/ IT security issues
  • Facilitate Implementing and enforcing the board-approved IT policies.


  • University Degree, 3 years Relevant Experience, Accredited Project Management Certification e.g., PMP, Prince2, Agile Methodologies

Knowledge and Skills

  • Project management certification e.g., Prince2, PMP, Agile Methodologies
  • Project Management experience with proven expertise in Agile methodologies, concepts, practices, and standards.
  • Experience leveraging software development and team collaboration tools like MS projects, Smartsheet, google spread sheets etc.
  • Empathetic, collaborative, service-oriented attitude of “customer first”.
  • Experience managing technical programs and projects for distributed teams across multiple locations and countries is a plus.
  • Must have strong communication skills – role will be responsible for intra-team and inter-team communication, as well as status reporting and risk event updates, so the incumbent must have strong written and verbal English skills.
  • Flexibility to respond to changing requirements and juggle multiple responsibilities.
  • Must be comfortable working both as part of a team and independently – includes ability to set priorities which accurately reflect the relative importance of job responsibilities and follow through on assignments with minimal direction.
  • This role requires high Emotional Quotient (EQ), comfort in taking ownership, and the ability to understand when escalation is needed.
  • Proven ability to coach and mentor others who are learning project management and Agile practices in a replicable, scalable way.
  • Knowledge and understanding of Core Banking systems is an added advantage.
  • Good data analytical skills, both financial and non-financial Solution.


  • At least 3 years in implementing and managing projects of which should have been in environments using Industry leading Core Banking systems

Personal Attributes

  • Innovative
  • Team Player
  • Tech Savvy
  • A person of high integrity.
  • Flexible to work during odd hours.
  • Self-starter with ability to go an extra mile.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

Method of Application

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