Inside TSC plans To Employ 20,000 Intern Teachers

Inside TSC plans To Employ 20,000 Intern Teachers

Inside TSC plans To Employ 20,000 Intern Teachers

Inside TSC plans To Employ 20,000 Intern Teachers

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is planning to hire 20,000 intern teachers to teach Grade 7 in July of this year, according to TSC Chief Executive Officer Dr. Nancy Macharia.

The action aims to address the lack of instructors in junior high and secondary schools (JSS).

When asked in parliament what was being done to alleviate the shortage of teachers in Grade 7 as time was running out, the TSC CEO disclosed this.

North Igembe Julius Taitum, a member of parliament (MP), recommended that the Commission have a strategy in place to replace qualified teachers in primary schools.

The country’s educational system has struggled with a teacher deficit for a long time.

Given the severe lack of qualified instructors in some subject areas, the Teachers Service Commission has been battling the problem for many years.

The government has, however, recently taken steps to remedy the problem, such as hiring intern instructors and upgrading primary school teachers to instruct in the JSS.

The teacher shortage has however persisted as a significant issue in the education sector in spite of these actions.

TSC has been under fire for not doing more to solve the teacher shortage, and some people believe the Commission has to be more aggressive in recognizing and resolving the issue.

Dr Macharia’s Commission responded to this criticism stating that it is doing everything within its power to recruit and retain qualified teachers. The Commission stated they have been working closely with the government and other stakeholders to address the problem.

To help with the teacher shortage in Grade 7, the TSC CEO notified the National Assembly that 20,000 intern teachers would be hired to teach the grade in July.

More than 10,000 instructors on internship contracts are expected to report to their schools by the end of this week to begin teaching in Grade 7

Inside TSC plans To Employ 20,000 Intern Teachers

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