Employment in Kenya

Employment at Flexi-Personnel

Employment at Flexi-Personnel

Employment at Flexi-Personnel

Employment at Flexi-Personnel

Flexi Personnel Ltd is a HR Company that was founded in 2008. It is currently the fastest growing HR firm in Kenya offering a wide range of services including Headhunting and Executive selection, Outsourced Labor management, HR Outsourcing, Outsourced Payroll Management, HR consultancy, Psychometric Assessments and Expatriate

Intern- Records


Responsible for working closely with the HR Operations Director to ensure effective and accurate Company data and any other information related to HR, Accounts and clients’ data is maintained properly both in the system and in the files while maintaining highest levels of confidentiality.


  • Verifying and validating all employee files while ensuring all statutory deductions documents are included in the employee file with discrepancies communicated in writing to respective account holder for corrective action.
  • Maintenance of up-to-date employment register and biodata for all company client accounts.
  • Managing the flow of documents- in and out of the archives.
  • Develop and maintain a filing system to ensure accurately tracking of all employee data in the physical files (maintain a record on file issuance and returns) to maintain a clear movement log.
  • With the assistance of the Regional Operations Manager develop a clear filing method of all the staff data in the soft form for all clients.
  • Enabling appropriate and right access to information and records only to the relevant staff to maintain data confidentiality and integrity.
  • Develop a policy framework to guide and train staff in the management of records and use of the employer’s records system and updating the same from time to time.
  • Responsible for providing administrative support to HROs/ Accountants to enable efficient records management of outsourced accounts.
  • Use scanners to convert forms, receipts, and reports into electronic format.
  • Required to continuously deploy new ideas on how the archive can be efficiently managed.
  • Supporting teams working remotely to enable them work efficiently by retrieving, scanning, and sharing any information that they need.
  • Scanning and filing WIBA policies and claims.
  • Duplicating, scanning, and filing proposals and B2B contracts.
  • Updating the client contract tracking excel and sharing reminders of expiring contracts.
  • Filing monthly raised invoices and bank deposit slips.


  • Diploma or Certificate in Archives & Records Management or Library & Information Science.


Duties and key responsibilities:

  • Drive the assigned motor vehicle and carry authorized passengers in a road worthy vehicle maintained up to the established security standard.
  • The driver will be responsible for safe loading and unloading of goods into the motor vehicle.
  • Regulate the radio, heating, lighting, and ventilation system while ensuring security and safety for passenger comfort.
  • Undertake routine and preventive maintenance of motor vehicle by checking and topping up the level of petrol, oil, water, battery, and tire pressure before operating the motor vehicle.
  • Regularly clean and polish the vehicle, change tires as well as make minor repairs and adjustments.
  • Perform miscellaneous errands such as paying bills, registered letters for postage, collecting and delivery of mail and other items as shall be directed by the office of the Advisor.
  • Maintain records of the motor vehicle daily activity-showing journey, mileage, petrol, oil, and account for all journeys made.
  • Observe traffic and safety precautions to prevent accidents and to avoid traffic violations in addition undertake first aid in case of injuries.
  • Report any accident or driving incident, even minor incident to the JICA Advisor as quickly as possible and complete necessary reports.
  • Report motor vehicle accident to the traffic police and obtain police abstract report and complete insurance report form in conformance to traffic rules and regulations.
  • Implement periodic preventive maintenance by taking motor vehicle for major repairs in accordance with planned schedule or instructions.
  • Perform any other duties assigned by the Advisor.

Desirable Skills and Qualifications:

  • Secondary education or higher.
  • Valid Kenyan driving license of category B.
  • Basic knowledge of vehicle mechanic.
  • More than 10-year experience in driving in companies or organizations.
  • Warm personality with strong communication skills.
  • Ability to communicate in English language.

Method of Application

Use the link(s) below to apply on company website.

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