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5 Warning Signs That Your CV Needs Revamping

5 Warning Signs That Your CV Needs Revamping

5 Warning Signs That Your CV Needs Revamping

5 Warning Signs That Your CV Needs Revamping

Could your CV benefit from a professional review and revamp? If yes, then keep reading.

When conducting a job search, you only get one chance to make a great first impression. That chance comes in the form of your CV. Undoubtedly the most important part of any job application, your CV is meant to show an employer that you are skilled, qualified, and exactly what they are looking for.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to know if your CV does its job without facing a series of rejections. That is where a professional CV review can help.

Still not sure if your CV could use one? Here are some signs to look out for:

1. It’s been a while since your last job search

If it’s been five or more years since you seriously conducted a job search, you may be in for a few surprises when you decide to look for a new job. As technology and recruiting practices continue to evolve, so have the CV writing rules. From formatting and layout to content and keywords, there are many items to consider when evaluating and updating your resume.

Luckily, there are plenty of CV review services available to help you determine if your resume is up to standard or if it needs to be professionally rewritten.

2. You don’t know how to sell yourself

The purpose of a CV goes beyond showcasing your experience and qualifications, it should market you and prove to the employer that you are suited for the job.

To really make an impact, you must handpick relevant skills and accomplishments and phrase them in a way that proves to employers that you’re the professional that will improve their team and company.

A professional CV review will reveal whether or not you have extracted relevant abilities from your skill set and included them in a way that showcases your true value.

3. You have employment gaps

Not everyone’s career journey is a straightforward path from one job to the next; a large number of job seekers may be faced with a history that isn’t so smooth and subsequently has a CV gap to contend with. Whether you were dismissed, made redundant, or decided to take a career break, you may be unsure how to work around this gap and smooth the bumpiness.

Getting your CV reviewed, will help you address addressed those gaps and can help you structure your CV so that it showcases your career path in the best possible light.

4. You don’t know what to include or remove

What contact information belongs on your CV? How important is it to include a career summary? How far back should your employment history go? Can you include information about classes you’ve taken or volunteer work you’ve done?

A CV expert will help you determine what needs to be added or removed.

5. Your goals have changed

If your goals have changed or your career has evolved, so, too, should the format and content of your CV.

Share these changes with a professional CV writing service so they can determine if your new goals are clear to the reader and supported throughout your CV.

Bottom line…..

In a stressful job search, everyone can benefit from guidance. This is especially true if any of these five signs are familiar to you.

A CV review will give you the professional feedback you don’t get from employers. The personalized critique will help you know if your current CV is ready to land you the job or will hold you back.

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