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5 Signs You Are Destined To Be An Event Planner

5 Signs You Are Destined To Be An Event Planner

5 Signs You Are Destined To Be An Event Planner

5 Signs You Are Destined To Be An Event Planner

Does hosting your group of friends excite you? Were your birthday parties always the best organized growing up? Do you catch yourself contemplating the décor at other peoples’ events?

If your answers are yes, then you might be an event planner!

Have you ever thought about becoming one? The skills and characteristics of a great event planner can be learned, but some people are just born with them! If you’ve been thinking about a career change or looking for something new, consider whether event planning sounds like something you’d enjoy.

Do you not think you have what it takes to pursue a career in event planning?

Here are 5 signs that you’re destined to become an event planner!

1. You are a people’s person

If you love making new connections, you surely will do well in event planning. Managing an event is all about team effort between you and your clients even though you are the one coordinating the details. You get to work closely with clients, and deal with vendors hence creating a perfect experience for the guests. So, if interacting with new people day in and out is your strength, it’s a perfect skill for becoming an event planner.

2. Always organized

Event planners have to deal with countless details at once – timelines, guest lists, menus, and business contacts. If you are the kind of person who can keep pace with time and also manage to keep track of your deadlines, congratulations you will definitely flourish in the event management industry.

3. You’re good at getting your points across

Event planners need great communication skills. If you’re a good listener who finds relaying clear details very easy, you’ll do well. Event planners must listen very carefully to what their clients want. They also need to communicate their expectations to vendors concisely in order to avoid mistakes. If you’re already an effective communicator, you’re a step ahead!

4. You have an eye for detail

If you like things to be just perfect, then you already own the basic and most vital event planning skills. Taking great care and paying attention to every detail adds a sense of pride to the work and is always appreciated by the client.

5. Pro at multi-tasking

Clients appreciate event managers who can juggle many tasks at once. Planners must be able to communicate with clients, vendors, assistants, and even guests or family members, all while organizing the event to the finest details.


As an event planner, you will always be faced with competing events, competing brands, and competing events agencies.

Therefore, your success will ultimately depend on how you can separate yourself from everyone else and create something new that grabs the attention of your audience.

Do not forget to be flexible to change. Work on your events skills by joining this events management training today.

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